The Exit Label 'videos' showcases film footage of a selection of Mark Springer's compositions and performances, featuring live piano recordings and a recent performances.

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Click here to listen BBC Radio3 program on the connection between risk and creativity.
Mark Springer is a pianist who thrives on throwing himself into the unknown. We join him in Bologna as he prepares to deliver a completely improvised performance. The audience doesn't know what Mark will play. And neither does he. He describes his process as "spontaneous composition", writing new music in real time.

Spontaneous composition in real time - solo piano concert - Track 2 DIVING (Exit017) CD Release

APARAT LIVE at Bristol Colston Hall

Aparat's new album out today... ("8/10" UNCUT)

Posted by Aparat on Friday, 1 April 2016
Aparat album trailer

Watch the new teaser trailer for the new album 'Aparat' released 1st April. Order your advance copy from http://www.exit.co.uk/exit014.html

Posted by Aparat on Thursday, 4 February 2016

"You are here" No 1. Potentino Piano Solos (Mark Springer)

The Potentino Concerto, with the Potentino Quartet

First performed at Castello di Potentino on Saturday 2nd August 2014. It was performed by Mark Springer (Piano), and The Potentino Quartet, Gabi Maas, Kay Stephen, Kaija Lukas, Anna Menzies. It was Filmed and Edited by Agnieszka Biolik. Drone footage by Christoffer van Tulleken

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New videos will be released on a weekly basis.

An excerpt from the BBC film made at the time of the original release of the album 'piano' which will now be available for the first time as a remastered cd with added tracks from June the 28th 2014. This was the first solo album from Mark Springer.
Mark Springer - Variations on the piece "Sometime in the rain" (from the original album "Piano")
Listen to this classic 'Rip Rig and Panic' piece from the BBC John Peel Sessions on the
14th of September 1981. It includes a duet with Mark Springer and Nico from the Velvet Underground.




Check out BBC Radio 3's - Nick Luscombe program featuring tracks from THE RIP RIG + PANIC SOLOS



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