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The Exit label celebrates the rich diversity of contemporary music.

Exit is releasing the whole Catalogue of CDs currently on its roster this month through Plastichead distribution. On July the 31st we are launching 2 new releases. A DOUBLE CD of music by MARK SPRINGER for Piano and String Quartet, and his second series of String Quartets plus a live concert of music for five pianos. Springer is joined by THE LOCHRIAN ENSEMBLE, the String Quartet who have played and recorded Springers first series of String Quartets released on EXIT in 2004. This cd shows Springers breadth and range of ideas both as a Pianist and as a Composer.
Alongside this release we are launching the RIP RIG AND PANIC MARK SPRINGER SOLOS this will be vol 1 of Springers piano music recorded between 1980 and 1983 with his group RIP RIG AND PANIC. This cd will feature tracks from the RIP RIG AND PANIC ALBUMS and also tracks that have never previously been available before.





You can follow Mark on Twitter, where you will be able to get an insight into the amazing life of an artist and globally renowned pianist.
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The EXIT LABEL is a home for some of the best Contemporary classical, Jazz and Pop music. Exit has established itself as a leading British based label that covers a wide area which includes String Quartets , Piano quintet, Solo Piano, music for 4 and 5 pianos, and Jazz trio.
The label has been releasing a series of critically acclaimed new recordings by the pianist and composer Mark Springer. Springer first came to prominence with the group Rip Rig & Panic - an innovative and revolutionary band - whose music still defies categorization, a group which also featured the singer Neneh Cherry and the legendary jazz trumpeter with the Ornette Coleman Quartet, Don Cherry. Also the label had released music featuring the PORTISHEAD drummer Clive Deamer and a series of experimental pop with vocals and electronica. We are a leading Record Company in the field of contemporary music.


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